Sunday, June 22, 2008

Little Hope for Zimbabwe

So Mugabe did it. He intimidated the opposition so much that they pulled out of the run-off election citing fear of violence against their supporters.
So now what?
Mugabe has been in power since 1980 -- if my math is right, that is 28 years. When is enough, enough?
It seems that Mugabe will soon be following the same steps as Mobut Sese Seko, the former dictator of Zaire -- now the Democratic Republic of Congo.
When does the "Big Man" rule end? How does it end? Is bloodshed always necessary? Outside intervention? What kind? The U.N.?
To say that I was surprised that Mugabe was able to retain power would be to lie.
What will surprise me, is if the rest of the world finally takes heed of what is going on in Zimbabwe and acts. Sanctions? The International Criminal Court? C.I.A., anyone?


Austin said...

Unfortunately, this almost seemed inevitable. The last few posts on Zimbabwe (some from myself) have discussed the increasing level of threat from Robert Mugabe's ZANU-PF party to those who opposed them, both in terms of threats to human rights as well as more extreme threats of physical violence. Things have finally gotten to the point where there is no other option for the opposition party but to back out.

Clearly a change needs to be made -- while not easily fixed, the problem that needs to be changed is clear -- Mugabe and his party need to go, and changes need to be made to the constitution to make sure a leader like him never comes to power again.

jalapeno said...

Unfortunately the Big Man Rule will seemingly be in existence in Africa for quite some time. Transition at this point will be futile and the only way to remove Mugabe would be through military force or an uprising against him.

Changes in the constitution would be nice to make, however, it is enforcing the constitution that is what makes a nation. Mugabe is obviously above the law and the constitution and through intimidation tactics and violence. My observation is that I find it interesting that even with such a blatantly malicious dictator, no one has done anything. This can also apply to many African leaders, including Mobuto Sese Seko.

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gallery802 said...

Zimbabwe must be go for change. I hope it will.

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It will change by the citizens,I think there is no strong opposition leader.