Sunday, April 01, 2007

No Compassion for Sierra Leone's Amputees

With the civil war having been over since five years ago, Sierra Leone's amputees were hoping to receive the help and care they needed. They were hoping to receive the compensations from the government they had been promised. They were waiting for the aid from the international health organisations. But this has not been the case. With the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections, the government and the international community has forgotten about them. They have been told to take care of themselves.
With unemployment being one of the highest in the world, and health care being so disastrous, Sierra Leone's population is suffering. Many amputees never received the cares they needed in order to sure their wounds. But most of the time, though their physical wounds have cured, their psychological ones are still gaping open. Many children were targeted and are will now be victims of the harsh demands for labor and the lack of understanding for disabilities.
These amputees need help, they need to receive care for their wounds, prosthetics so as to give them an opportunity of finding work. They need support and motivation, they need the international community to react and give them hope. But are we willing to stretch out our hands to them? Are we willing to give them another chance?