Thursday, October 05, 2006

Evil in the Heart of Africa

Yes indeed, there is evil in the heart of Africa -- the Democratic Republic of Congo that is.
How else can you describe what happened to a 3 year old girl: gang raped by soldiers in the DRC. What did this little girl do to deserve this? Or how about the woman named Angela that was raped by 3 men in front of her children? As Anderson Cooper documents on his 360 blog, she was shot after her rape, and they burned her baby girl. Why? What logic can you bring to help explain this?
Poverty? The vulgarities of civil war? Revenge? So go the spoils of the victors?
It's hard to have compassion for Africans when you hear about these stories -- at least for the African men. How could they let this happen to their women? How could those men do what they did? Is there no humanity?
Or, is this simply possible anywhere in the world where the "law of the jungle" rules? Who is to say that it wouldn't happen in America if we didn't have the rule of law -- if there was a civil war going on -- or if the international community didn't seem to give a damn.
I'm outraged -- but I'm not sure who to be outraged at. I feel powerless as a human being -- these atrocities are being committed halfway across the globe -- and they continue daily -- just as frequent as the rains. Whether it's the Congo, Darfur, Northern Uganda, or Sierre Leone or Liberia. How can we make any sense of this? How can we maket his stop? Help!